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Is the iOS Update Going to Affect Your Facebook Ads


by Muhammad Asmal




Is the iOS Update Going to Affect Your Facebook Ads?

There’s been plenty of buzz lately about Apple’s iOS 14 updates. Undoubtedly, the newest one will impact Facebook publishers, advertisers, social media paid ads and app developers. The changes, expected to roll out by early 2021, will enable customers to have more control over their online security and preferences.

Here, we cover what this update means for your Facebook Ads and what actions you can take to prepare yourself for the new iOS update.

What Is the Apple iOS Update?

Many small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) have expanded their usage of digital tools. A Deloitte study showed that digital advertising increased in recent years, with targeted social media paid ads being the most popular paid channel across consumers of all age groups.

These paid ads collect user data to make marketing more precise and relevant to users. With the new iOS update from Apple, users can opt out of this data tracking. The update alerts customers that corporations will be collecting and using their data.

This alert may alarm many users, who will opt-out when they receive the prompt. It can make it difficult for businesses to target their ideal audiences, limiting their growth potential.

How Will the Update Affect Instagram and Facebook Small Business Ads?

Facebook recently launched its ‘Small businesses deserve to be heard’ campaign. It outlined what’s changing with the iOS update and what it would mean for the Facebook ads of SMBs:

  • You might not be able to measure conversions for iOS users who opt out.
  • Engagement and spending will go down if customers see ads not relevant to them.
  • Businesses may find it challenging to gauge ad value and deduce which ones are working and which are not.
  • It will be harder for small businesses to compete with larger, well-known competitors.
  • The iOS update will prevent retargeted ads from reaching your intended audience.
  • You will need to rethink Facebook ads explicitly optimized for landing pages.

The most significant cause for concern seems to lie in the loss of optimization. It will be increasingly difficult to track which issues such as cart abandonment and social media users’ progress through the purchase journey.

How You Can Prepare Your Facebook Ads for the iOS Update

  • Verify your domain. You can claim ownership of your domain and control the editing privileges of all your links and content to prevent any mistreatment.
  • Track your leads and conversions right now. Understand customer behavior and ad success rate to identify patterns BEFORE the iOS update rolls out so you can continue actioning what works.
  • Ask your customers for alternative contact methods. Reach out to your customers and explain how this new update will affect them and your business. Request their email address for ad retargeting and improved services.
  • Integrate with Facebook Conversions API. Designed to maintain data privacy while conveying personalized messaging to customers, the Facebook API will help optimize your Facebook ads after the update.

The Takeaway

Ultimately, you may need to explore other digital media platforms to engage your audience and increase customer conversions on non-iOS gadgets.

With the iOS update set to roll out, you need to be ready for the potential impact on your business and marketing campaigns. Until then, it is essential to understand your current audience to stay ahead of the privacy lockdown as much as possible.

Muhammad Asmal

Muhammad has been been untangling the web since 2013. His passion is to help businesses understand the power of the internet and to help them to use that power to grow their businesses.


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